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I have been fortunate to have assisted hundreds of clients from around the world. The testimonials on this website are an indication of just some of the clients I have worked with and what we have achieved while working together.

If you have an injury, pain, condition or goals similar to the clients on these pages, and you feel that you are ready to address them, please contact me to see whether I can help you achieve them.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Corrective Exercise Rehabilitation


Former Commando, Sydney -

"I had chronic SIJ lower back pain (L5/S1 disc protrusion), which significantly impacted on my (active) lifestyle. I was caught in a Catch 22 - determined not to allow the pain to affect my quality of life and erode the level of fitness I had established, yet continually pushing my back beyond its limits forcing me to rest.

I have seen so many physios, chiros, masseuses, acupuncturists, etc. It is depressing to go through that mental cycle each time.

Working with Chas was really good. I’m ex-Army and I liked the fact that Chas’s system was developed by a former US Army Paratrooper. It provided me with enough challenge to make it interesting, but structured in such a way to avoid significant aggravations. I still felt like I was training hard, but without the constant risk hanging over my head.

I am able to do exercises that I thought I would never do again e.g. weighted squat, bent-over row. Since I regard these as foundation exercises, it has been a great boost to my mental wellbeing, as well as physical. I thoroughly recommend Chas to anyone trying to recover from an injury."

Mark Isaacs

Director, Creative Promotions, Sydney -

“Ever since a severe disc injury to L4/L5 I have not been able to do much exercise nor get fit. Over the past 6 years I have tried several different exercise routines, trainers and gyms. All have caused me more pain and most were not able to help me at all. To be quite honest with you, I never believed that you’d be any different. Wow, I could not have been more wrong.

You have done wonders for me. Thank you. I have no pain at all anymore, and now, at age 48, thanks to your training methods, I can do exercises that I haven’t done since I was a teenager. The methods that you use are designed to stabilise and strengthen my body without causing pain and this has worked very well indeed. My friends and family cannot believe the change in me. I’m fit and healthy and my body—from the toes up—is trim, well defined and muscular.”

Kevin Doucet

Chef, Sydney -

“I had relocated to Sydney from Canada during a 2 year medical leave of absence from work whereby I was intent on addressing chronic lower lumbar & cervical pain and instability, along with avoiding another miserable Canadian winter. I had received micro-disectomy surgery for a herniated disc in June 2001 which had little if any impact on my condition. Since then I was committed to treating my chronic pain with various forms of physical therapy; I have tried them all.

My experience with Chas proved to be completely innovative, highly productive and enjoyable. We managed to make more progress during our 3 months together than the combined benefits of years working with various physical therapy and other exercise methods. In addition to providing a radically different approach to therapy, Chas's high energy level and enthusiasm along with his beautiful studio made it fun to train. The Sydney CHEK principles are in extremely good hands with Chas. My work with Chas has left me empowered to re-address my return to work with renewed confidence along with allowing me to return to countless physical pursuits which had previously been shelved because of physical ailments.”

Frances Asher 

Program Director, Sydney -

“I’ve been playing representative sport at Regional, State or National level for 38 years in Netball, Water polo, Swimming, Spring Board Diving, Basketball, and Cross Country Running. During those years I have injured just about every joint imaginable – I have ripped the tendons off ankles; had bi-lateral arthroscopies on my knees; hyper-extension injury of my elbow; a disc removed and my vertebrae fused in my neck; dislocated both my shoulders as well as my jaw; and I have calcification in my lower spine. And I still kept playing!!

As with all competitive athletes I kept playing on my injuries and almost crippled myself in the process. Up until 2 years ago my family teased me as to which bit would fall off first. Now, thanks to Chas I can do squats - which means I can put my knickers, stockings and shoes on without having to sit on the bed or get my husband to help. I can bend over and pat the cats, pick up the soap, get pots and pans out of the cupboard, and do the occasional spot of gardening. I can walk up and down steps with alternate steps - not one leg at a time. Now I can run across the street, jump out of the way, walk up and down hills. I have gone from needing knee surgery to an active healthy life and living with chronic neck pain.

Thank you Chas…both my family and me appreciate a life where I don’t moan about pain as much!! I am also playing netball in the same team as my 20 year old daughter – a lifelong ambition.”

Daniel Wait

Personal Trainer, Sydney –

“Before I worked with Chas, I spent 2 years and thousands of dollars seeking out the advice and assistance of numerous health practitioners only to end up frustrated, disappointed, out of pocket and still injured!  You'll be glad to know my shoulder has never been better! Without your guidance and programs I wouldn't be in anywhere near the physical shape I am in today - thank you!”

John Lockington

Pharmacist, Golfer, & Ex-Davis Cup Tennis Captain for New Zealand -

“I have been a regular client of Chas Barclay’s for many months in an endeavour to delay hip surgery for as long as possible. The regular training sessions have been extremely beneficial, greatly increasing my mobility and minimising pain and loss of muscular strength; all of which allows me to maintain my participation in Tennis and Golf.”

Bryce Hastings

Adv.Dip.Phys, M.N.Z.S.P. Physiotherapist, Les Mills WOF, Auckland -

“I have known Chas for over four and half years in his capacity as a personal trainer initially at Les Mills WOF and then at a studio gym where he operated his own fitness consulting business.

I have always found Chas to be very knowledgeable in the area of corrective exercise for strength conditioning and rehabilitation. He is meticulous in his approach and his clients have always found him to be extremely professional.

Chas and I have worked together on a number of difficult cases, in particular spinal rehabilitation. Chas has enabled me to concentrate on the manual therapy and clinical side of their management, while he has set up and monitored their rehabilitative exercise program.”

Dr David Hoadley

B.Sc., M.B.,Ch.B., D.R.C.O.G., M.R.C.G.P. General Practitioner, Auckland -

“Some years ago I felt in need of guidance in my exercise regime and approached Chas on the advice of the gym training coordinator at Les Mills Auckland. Chas has been a superb motivator, adviser and training instructor. At that time he was working from the gym and later I followed him when he moved to his own training setup, Human Engineering. He totally changed the way in which I have used the gym with particular emphasis on correct equipment use, posture and attention to every detail.

I have felt totally confident under his guidance and have been particulalry thankful that avoidance of overloading and subsequent injury has been stressed.

Two years running I had significant skiing injuries. Chas was able to adjust my training regime to cope with and to assist recovery from these injuries.

I am a busy General Practitioner with a sedentary lifestyle. For me, Gym workouts are a lifeline to health. Chas has motivated me to continue and with his guidance I have kept a level of flexibility, strength and fitness which I am proud of given that I will soon be fifty. I recommend him highly to anyone who is seeking training or rehabilitation”

Damian Ferigo

Finance Manager, Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland -

“After following a course of visiting 4 different Physios over a period of 4-5 years, I realised my lower back pain was not a temporary problem. Continual frustration trying to find that person who could achieve a long term solution as opposed to a temporary relief was a slow process.

Through word of mouth, I ended up booking an assessment with Chas Barclay and then following an exercise rehabilitation program designed and continually modified by him. Within 3 months there was immediate improvement, and within 12 months I felt 90% normal again!

In hindsight, what I now realise was that I needed a "project manager" with the right skill set and time to provide more than the 15 minutes allocated by Physios.

Past problems being:

  • Significant lower back pain - to such an extent that support taping of the lower spine was a regular occurence
  • An inability to sleep through the night due to pain
  • An inability to hold my 1 year old in my arms for more than 2-3 minutes, due to the counter-balance required on the back

All of these past issues are now a Non-Issue, solely due to Chas’s input and advice.”

Tony Seaman

Company Director & Recreational Paraglider -

“An accident in August 1995 involving a broken ankle, leg and three vertebrae resulted in six weeks intense physiotherapy at the end of which I still suffered restricted ankle movement and ongoing back pain. Efforts to return to the gym resulted in further discomfort and in despair I sought out a personal trainer.

Chas tailored a program around the painful restrictions and from a point where the physiotherapists had indicated little improvement could be expected, this continuous tailoring of exercises returned the body to almost full, painless, performance within the year!

Again in April 1998, Chas’ skills were in demand following an accident to both hands in which fingers were partially amputated, others severed and reattached. A tailored programme ensued general body fitness didn’t suffer and specific exercises returned strength and co-ordination to the hands within 9 months.

In between times Chas’ programmes have enhanced fitness, posture and balance assisting in maximising enjoyment of my sport.”

Jill Porter

Bayer Healthcare, Auckland -

“I trained with Chas for almost three years having been referred to him by my previous trainer because of his experience with back rehabilitation. I’d had back pain for several years resulting in a L3-5 spinal fusion in 1994.

Chas is very professional and always stressed technique for safety and injury prevention. He is very knowledgeable about corrective exercise and emphasises exercises which prepare and protect my back for everyday situations. My surgeon, nurses and physiotherapists were all very impressed with my strength and fitness, all of which contributed to my very quick and excellent recovery. I would recommend Chas as a corrective exercise specialist to anyone, but especially to those with back problems. I wish I had known about Chas and his training methods before I ever got to the stage of needing surgery!”


Personal Training & Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Nikki Stenhouse

Travel Consultant, Air New Zealand/World Airlines Silver Medallist 1997 (Netball) -

“Chas has redeveloped my age old habits and encouraged me to believe in myself and reach my personal goals. He has shown me the way to corrective physical therapy through new techniques and understanding of human mechanics. Recently during a year-long battle with cancer, Chas was instrumental in assisting with my recovery by keeping me focused and positive. As my CHEK Practitioner, Chas has continued to keep me focused in helping me achieve my goals.”

Jason Trowbridge

Real Estate Agent -

“My association with Chas Barclay began in 1996. At the time I was looking for a very strict style one-on-one programme. Chas seemed to have the style of training I was after.

Chas is brilliant in many varied aspects of personal health. His knowledge of corrective exercise is immense. His personal approach to you as a client gives him an edge very few trainers ever reach. Chas continually helped me achieve new personal growth from a mental aspect along with a physical one for 3 years.

In choosing a trainer, I would not have any doubt in recommending Chas above all others. His ability, style, knowledge and above all, his commitment to you as a client is outstanding.”

Morten Weaver

Business Director, Sydney -

“Thank you for your excellent instruction over the last 18 months. I would highly recommend the Human Engineering approach and hope your other clients gain as much as I have.”

Debbie Payne

Travel Consultant -

“When I started One-on-One on the 21st August 1995, I weighed 115.84 kg and just over 6 months later, I was successfully at 88.5 kg. He made what could be a long and boring, tedious task, fun and something that I thoroughly looked forward to every week. I trained twice a week, every week with Chas. I feel I had One of the Best Personal Trainers in the Business.”

Golf Performance Conditioning

MARtin kelly

Accountant -

"I was not sufficiently stable in the lower body for golf, before I came to see Chas. Lack of rotation in the thoracic leading to a lot of lateral slide and an arm swing.  This also led me to try to rotate through the lumbar which caused disc issues.

I had not come across the CHEK approach before.  I was unclear whether a non-golfer could translate their fitness knowledge into the dynamic movement of the golf swing. 

I like the continual phasing and periodisation from stability to strength to power.  I thrive in the structure of the programs and knowing what I need to do while also enjoying the variety of exercises within each program as they phase in and out.

The biggest result has been able to move my body and hit positions which I had previously not been able to.  I have recruited postural muscles which enable me to can hinge, rotate and side bend. Most importantly I have been able to integrate these movements into my golf swing while playing the game. It provides more control through impact and a stronger ball flight. It is also more natural and places less strain on my body which in turn means I am extending the time that I am able to play the game at a decent level."

Bruce Tustin

Company Director -

"I was reasonably fit when I came to see Chas, but lacked core and upper body strength. I wanted to have Golf focused training and in particular I was looking for a CHEK Certified Golf Trainer.

I found his analytical approach and full initial assessment was very thorough, that has been reinforced with regular changes to my program to provide diversity.

Since working with Chas, I've experienced a significant improvement in my stamina, flexibility, balance, strength and general well-being. My Golf has improved and I'm enjoying practice and competition.

I'd recommend Chas to anyone who is serious about improving their health, particularly for those of us who are getting older and need to build balance and strength to help us enjoy life and our sport."

MARK abicht

Solar Consultant -

"I had been suffering from debilitating injuries in my elbows in particular and also sacrum. These were related to sitting at a computer for work over many years and playing golf for 50 years, plus ageing. I had only mild discomfort until I reached 63 yrs old. After 6 months my elbow injuries – one golf plus one tennis – had begun to abate after eventually finding a competent physio. However I realised that I needed to get assistance for exercises to provide strength to resist ongoing injury. So I started googling ‘training’ plus ‘golf’ and noticed Chas.

I was aware that in the US for example, there had been a bit of a revolution in the development of strength training techniques for golf since the time of Tiger Woods. I was hoping to find someone in Sydney who had tapped into this kind of knowledge and had expertise. Chas has done this.

Rewarding and fun. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every session over the previous year and a half since we started. Chas is a people person and very professional. He also is happy to explain the principles behind his approach. I can also attest after fifty years or so playing golf mostly at a single figure level, plus having a penchant for golf swing theory (I have original edition of ‘The Golf Machine’ and discussed this with advocate Bryson De Chambeau personally when he came to Australia shortly before turning pro) - that Chas is fully capable of gleaning subtleties that might be important for the training side.

I have regained strength so that now at age 65 I have power as a golfer similar to what I had 10 or 15 years ago. But equally my injuries have receded with the specific strength program, including addressing innate postural imbalances and such, so that I am enjoying a physical robustness that I had never expected. I no longer have the dull lower back ache after golf that I was already habituated to many years ago. There is also a very nice surprise - the pleasing sense of optimism and confidence that has accompanied the feeling of physical well-being."


Retired Company Director -

"It works!" (after hitting his first hole in one!)


Sports Specific Strength Conditioning

Sharon Ferris

World Champion & 4 World Records 1998

Yachting - Europe Class

“Your determination in getting me to a World Class standard has all paid off. Thank you World Champ Personal Trainer.” 

Graham Creed 

Australian Rep.

World Long Course Triathlon Championships, 2003  

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would or could represent my country at a World Championship. With the expertise and proven programs from Chas my results improved consistently and without injury. I can’t recommend his services high enough. Not only do I feel stronger, run, swim and ride faster but my general posture has improved immensely.”

Graham Earl 

Australian Rep.

World Long Course Triathlon Championships, 2002 

“Working with Chas at Human Engineering has been a revelation. I have never been so aware of my body and what I need to do to improve it. As athletes, we tend to work ourselves hard, but not necessarily smart. Chas introduces the smart bit! I have seen a direct correlation between the work I do with Chas and improvements in all of the Triathlon disciplines. While there’s a long way to go, at least we’ve started. Even for general health and wellbeing, this is the work to get into. It will be the last thing I ever give up.”

Julie Abbott 

Dental Assistant

Australian National Physical Culture Champion, 2001 

“After enduring six years of sciatica due to back problems, I had extensive nerve damage and muscle wastage of my left leg and back. Within weeks of commencing rehab with Chas, muscle redevelopment began to appear. Four months later I was performing in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, dancing and running wearing a 15 kg, 11 ft high costume. A month later, I placed fourth at the National Physical Culture Championships. One year later, I placed first!!"