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Sports Specific Strength Conditioning

C.H.E.K. Practitioners are world class, highly trained exercise therapists and strength/conditioning specialists. This approach has allowed our clients to consistently perform better and remain injury free. For a list of some of our high-level sporting clients that have used this service, see the athletes section.

  • Your sport can be 50% of your training, the rest is done off the track, road, water, bike, parks, or halls.
  • Are you missing out on taking your exercise or sport to the next level?

Athletes & Weekend Warriors

Sports specific strength conditioning is designed for:

  • Athletes who are training to be the best they can be in their given sport
  • Clients who want to perform injury free
  • Those who merely want to run more efficiently.

All clients are assessed for:

  • Individual flexibility
  • Functional stability
  • Strength, and
  • Power for that sporting endeavour and given their highly specific individualized exercise programs

Please call or email Chas to see what you may be missing in your sports performance.