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Are you an interstate, international or expatriate who is travelling, living or moving interstate or overseas for work or leisure? Take your workout and coaching with you!

In our constantly fluid and global world, changes in where you live, work and visit happen often. To cater for this growing trend, Human Engineering has launched its virtual online coaching via Zoom or Skype™ Software. This is the perfect practical and cost effective solution to keep you on track with your corrective exercise, health/fitness or sports specific training programme.

We have clients in the UK, Europe, New Zealand, Asia, and Interstate.

Initial Consultation and Evaluation: 

Held at the Human Engineering Studio in Sydney evaluating:

  • Health, Lifestyle and Medical History
  • Posture with digital photos for coaching
  • Length/tension relationships for determining muscular imbalances
  • Range of motion flexibility
  • Core stabilisation
  • Specialised testing as needed
  • Primal Pattern™ Movements

* Please allow 90 minutes to 2 hours for this initial evaluation

Program Design: 

Based on your evaluation and your specific goals, your program is personalised to the finest detail. Factors such as:

  • Time availability - real time when you are available to do a face to face workout via Zoom or Skype™
  • Equipment access - either in your home, hotel or residential complex
  • Specific recommendations
  • Referrals to other medical/health practitioners in your area if necessary

 * Initial program design is 60 minutes with program updates being 30 minutes

Exercise Coaching: 

One on one coaching is delivered to demonstrate how to perform the corrective stretches and specific exercises to your program. A hard copy is emailed via PDF in addition to face to face training.

* Initial Coaching is approximately 60-90 minutes with updates being 60 minutes

Follow-up Program Updates and Online Coaching 

A revision of your initial program is undertaken 4-6 weeks into the routine. All facets of the program are analysed, as is your form and technique in executing the exercises. You will need to allow enough room to move in front of your computer, so that all stretches and exercises can be observed and coached via Zoom or Skype™ video.

* Zoom or Skype™ online coaching can be booked in for 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions


Your place or mine? If you are unable to make it to our Studio in Sydney for the initial evaluation, program design and initial coaching session, it may be possible for us to come to you. Similarly, if you have friends, work colleagues or like-minded associates interested in a similar assessment or programme, we can assist.


Please contact Chas directly to enquire about this service on +61-2-9438-2299 or email