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Holistic Exercise & Lifestyle Coaching

This service has shown to be beneficial to a large number of our clients who see us if:

  • Distance is a factor to our studio location
  • You have significant time restraints
  • You have a limited budget, but you are highly motivated!

In today’s fast-paced time-poor world of go-go-go and people always demanding our attention, these become just some of the factors that will prevent you from either achieving your health and fitness goals or be used as an excuse not to begin.

Today’s society dictates that we treat ourselves like machines. If we ignore the simple signs that begin to show us that we should be looking at our health more seriously, our bodies start to “steal” energy from other parts of the body. This is like the cylinders in your car engine running without lubrication. After a while they will explode and burst through the engine casing. This is the stage when your body will start to break down with injuries, illnesses and fatigue – and now, like your car, IT WILL STOP.

Holistic Exercise and Lifestyle Coaching teaches you how to take charge of your life again through focusing on your health. Being healthy gives you all the added benefits of:

  • Great concentration
  • Meeting sales targets
  • Keeping your family healthy and in great shape
  • Getting rid of unwanted fat
  • Removing the bump that just won’t flatten
  • Improves the sex life and
  • Will even help you look younger for longer!!

Over the last 10 – 28 years so much has changed in our lives, including the health and fitness industry. With a myriad of information available people struggle to make good choices despite the best of intentions. Sifting through what is good, bad, correct or appropriate for you can be daunting and confusing. This applies to not only exercise and nutrition, but your lifestyle in general.

We offer Exercise Coaching Packages specific to your location, time, financial circumstances or motivation!

Call or email Chas now so that he can tailor a package specific to your circumstances!